Yes, we live in violent times

The violent and tragic deaths WDBJ journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward while shooting a live segment at Smith Mountain Lake Wednesday morning brought a chorus of “how can something like this happen here?” Sadly, such things happen just about everywhere nowadays and has been happening here for some time. Two journalists died at the […]

Tragic family history

A tragic piece of family history surfaced following the screening of “Crooked,” the documentary about The Crooked Road and the history of old-time traditional music in our area. Mac Traynham, a musician and instrument maker who is among those featured in the film, played an old song written by D.M. Shank as a hymn and […]

Murder on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Timothy Davis, a 27-year-old Charlottesville disc jockey known as DJ Prolapse, and an 18-year-old friend, Christina Floyd, drove up to Rock Point overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway last Monday to watch the sunset. Davis and Floyd sat at the edge of the overlook when a car pulled into the overlook. The driver stuck a […]