Looking for evil among us

This post appeared on ¬†Facebook just before the Fourth of July, the day we are supposed to celebrate the birthday of our nation and honor a country found on, among other things, freedom of religion. “I faced Evil today. In the entrance of Walmart, here in Christiansburg, Va. I sensed a strong evil presence. I […]

Bigotry against Muslims: National shame

Walked away from a infuriating series of Facebook posts Tuesday because of the bigotry, hate and stupidity aimed at the President of the United States. While I am not a fan of Barack Obama and feel that he disappointed a lot of people who voted for him, the open disrespect and outright lies posted about […]

The ungodly existence of religious bigotry

The hate-driven face of religious bigotry emerged in full force from the killings of 14 people at a holiday party in San Benardino, California, and the venom of those who claim to be Christians spread like a plague across the country. The shooters were Muslim, we learned, and that led to endless paranoid conclusions that […]