New year, same as the old year? Let’s hope not.

With 2021 now a reality and 2020 a not-s0-distant nightmare, questions often asked are things like “when will things return to normal?” Perhaps a better question should be “what is normal?” or “will we ever see anything close to normal again?” Floyd County set an unwanted record of daily infections topping 5,000 on Thursday and […]

We don’t need no stinking resolutions

An email Monday asked if I wanted to share any of my New Year’s Resolutions. It was only then, the day after New Year’s, that I realized I hadn’t gotten around to even thinking about resolutions for 2017. New Year’s Eve was a long night that started shooting photos and video of a end-of-the-year dinner […]

Old year out, new year in

With calendar year 2016 coming to an end at midnight Saturday, the usual attempt to look back at the previous 12 months is a mixture of grief, gratitude, anger, happiness and relief. Amy and I felt the pain of ┬áloss of too many people in 2016, including some she or I have known over the […]

New Year’s Eve in Floyd County

In Floyd County, the music for parties for New Year’s Eve Wednesday night ranged from The Grateful Dead to traditional, old-time tunes along with some gospel.