A few thoughts on a cold Sunday

Damn, it’s cold out this morning. Probably some black ice on some of Floyd County’s secondary roads. Think I will wait until the thermometer hits 40 or so today (the forecast calls for a high of 44) before venturing out to pick up wife Amy’s meds. If the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg is […]

More jobs lost in Southwest Virginia

More job losses for The Roanoke Times, my first daily newspaper gig back in the 1960s. In August, the paper will move its printing operations to Lynchburg, where it will be printed by the News & Advance press. ┬áPrint advertising inserts of sale items will be handled by The Richmond Times Dispatch. ┬áBoth papers, like […]

Enemy of the State

I’m less than a year from reaching my seventh decade of living. At 69, I will turn 70 by the end of the year, if I’m still breathing and above ground. I do so as “an enemy of the state.” No, a local or state or federal grand jury has not handed down any indictments. […]

Don’t like ‘the media?’ That’s your problem

Randy Hallman, a friend from high school days and son of the the couple who guided me into a career as a newspaperman, has long reported for The Richmond Times-Dispatch and was also an acknowledged sportswriter who covered NASCAR in its formative days. Like many of us who love our profession and has watched it […]