An unemployed press cannot do its job

Sadness and time for reflection this weekend.  Two more of my longtime friends lost their jobs in newspapers. Both came to work at their papers Friday morning to computer-generated notices telling them to turn in their photo equipment and ID cards at the end of the day and take any personal belongings home when they […]

Getting old exercising freedom of the press

A few thoughts on age and the age-old debate over freedom of the press. At some point in our lives, we face the question:  “Are we too old?” We wonder if we are too old to work, to play, even to have sex. Let’s hope not. We wouldn’t suggest a restriction on old age with […]

A blast from the past

Woke up this morning to a blast from the past.

A photo of a front page from the Civic Memorial High School Eaglet student newspaper in Bethalto, Illinois, arrived in Facebook from Fred Gowin.

Losing a newspaper’s voice

Joe Kennedy welcomed me back into the region in 2004 when Amy and I left Washington, DC, after 23 years and relocated high up on a hill on Floyd County. “I hear you were one if us back in the day,” he said on a phone call out of the blue not long I began […]