Out with the old…Thank God

For the most part, Amy and I will not be sad to see 2010 depart us. This has been one hell of a year: my mother’s declining health, broken hip and eventual move to an assisted living facility; the discovery that I have been walking around for 35 years with a degenerating spinal cord that […]

A beautiful morning

Slept soundly last night, my first prolonged night of uninterrupted sleep in weeks. Some pain from the back and legs but nothing intolerable.   Woke up, took Valium — my current muscle relaxer — and laid back down while the drug eased the tightness in my muscles.  I’m currently weaning myself off he drugs that have […]

A memorial to medical malpractice

My mother received her new set of dentures Tuesday — Not a major news event for an 87-year-old woman but the arrival of her new choppers comes almost four months to the day after Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital lost her previous dentures as the final blow to a week of monumental medical malpractice. She fell […]

A heart-breaking setback

As late as Tuesday night, we looked forward to Wednesday as a banner day when we would move my 86-year-old and increasingly immobile mother from rehab into an assisted living facility as the next step in her recovery from a fall at home six weeks ago. Then the phone rang before dawn Wednesday. Instead of […]