When pain is your life partner

The offers of condolences and sympathy for my current — and so far, losing — battle with severe back pain are appreciated. So are the suggestions of cure. Even the gentle and not-so-gentle lectures for (1) trying to drive while in pain and taking medication or (2) not seeking help are welcome. But the tone […]

I hear it was a nice weekend

I’m told a nice weekend covered the area. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my back problem increased to the point where I had to cancel out on covering the district high school football game between Floyd County and Fort Chiswell. When you can’t walk, you can’t roam the sidelines with cameras to catch football action. […]

Playing with pain

I’ve always had this crazy macho idea that one does not let a little thing like sickness or injury stop you from doing your job. For 23 years, I never missed a day of work for sickness or injury.  I worked with the flu, with sprained or broken limbs and any other affliction. Three years […]