News never sleeps. Why should I?

The first three hours or so of each day of my week involves writing and editing stories, headlines, photo captions and deciding the layout and placement of articles on my political news web site. That’s been the routine for more than 22 years now, even while traveling for  business or pleasure.  I’ve performed the task […]

Always a newsman

Ten years ago, on the last weekend of September 2004, Floyd Press editor Wanda Combs asked me to shoot photographs of Buffalo football at a Friday night game. Shooting those photos would be the first photography for The Floyd Press in 39 years.  My last news assignment for the paper had been in May of […]

Swimming against a rising tide of cameras

As a professional news photographer, I have often jostled with others of my craft for the right position to shoot an image that would satisfy editors. The situation usually reached its worst with prominent elected officials and heads of state. Fighting for position among a sea of photographers and television cameramen was part of the […]