Quiet moments in sports

Sports is often a lot of action, but there are quiet, reflective moments that draws my interests in different events.  Two cases in point.  The stare of the volleyballers at the net while they await the serve from their opponent or the quiet beauty of a golfer waiting for another player to putt.

When an iPhone does the job

Shadow Grass and Gravel Road appear in a concert at The Floyd Country Store last year. Created with a Canon C100 professional video camera, a GoPro action cam and an iPhone 6S Plus.

Sometimes it hurts to cover the news

After a day covering cases in Floyd County Circuit Court recently, a family member of a defendant who deputies led away to begin a prison sentence stopped me and demanded to know “what gives you the right to write about this case?  It is none of your business!” I tried to explain that what happens […]

I’m a newspaperman. It’s what I do.

In 2015, 11 years after I got off my last coast-to-coast flight covering my last Presidential election as a photographer, a photo editor in Washington called to see if I might be interested in a contract to cover the 2016 Presidential election. The 13-month contract would take me around the country, away from Floyd and […]