What, we wonder, is a liberal? Or a conservative? Or whatever?

Whenever I write a critical column about Donald Trump, my email box fills with insults, curses, and claims that I am “a lib-turd” or simply “a liberal.” What, I often wonder, is a liberal. I own enough weapons to start a revolution in some third-world countries. I have had permits to carry concealed weapons for […]

Thoughts from the Blue Ridge

The time, the Walrus said, to speak of many things. I write more than I speak and most of what I have written about for more than five decades concerns politics, most often about the failure of the political system that drives and — I believe — is destroying our country. Sadly, I must share […]

Washington: Too much politics

  For the first six years of our time in Washington, DC, I worked for the Republican party in one form or another. My first job in the nation’s Capital was press secretary to longtime GOP Congressman Paul Findley of Illinois . ┬áIt was a change from being a newspaper reporter who wrote news stories […]