Former prosecutors: Homicidal murderer Trump should be in prison

While most Americans who voted in the 2016 presidential election turned thumbs down on Donald Trump, a gerrymandered electoral college map gave him a narrow win that voters have a chance to correct in November of this year. But his election and the nonstop corruption, idiocy and immoral actions of the White House since them […]

Good or bad is what I do

A woman with a son convicted in Floyd County Circuit Court and sent to prison by Judge Marc Long confronted wife Amy at her bingo game in Christiansburg on a recent weekend and took her to task for the story I wrote about the trial. Her son, she said, was “railroaded” because she was told […]

Doing their crimes and then doing the time

Off to the courthouse this morning to cover another round of cases in Circuit Court for the paper.  Weekly doses of justice now occupy the schedule. Four trials are set, all on on drug cases involving the highly addictive crystal methamphetamine and most include   possession, manufacture and distribution of of the drug.  Most will […]

Did Bob McDonnell get off easy?

Lots of debate about the two-year prison sentence handed down by a federal judge to former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell Tuesday afternoon. Prosecutors wanted at least six years behind bars.  Defense attorneys wanted no jail time, just community service, if anything.  The case goes to a federal appeals court for review. Judge James Spencer said […]

Sexual predators and monsters

Josh Cromer, a 27-year-old Floyd bully, admitted in Circuit Court Tuesday he brutally assaulted and raped a pre-teen-aged girl earlier this year. His reason? Revenge against the girls’ father, whom he accused of sleeping with his girlfriend while he was serving time for a third driving while intoxicated offense. Cromer entered guilty pleas to charges […]