Partisans: Domestic terrorists?

America’s Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare to those who believe the often-misused and outright falsehoods spread by opponents, is in its renewal season and is also available for first timers. No big deal at our house.  Amy started use of the ACA when on January 1 of this year and will keep it […]

Virginia’s relentless rabid right

Virginia’s often raucous Republican Party is under fire — not from liberals, not from Democrats but from themselves. Bolstered by the defeat of former GOP House of Representatives leader Eric Cantor and nominations for top state offices last year that sent Republicans down in defeat, the rabid right-wing wants to expand its control of the […]

Cantor’s rapid, jarring fall from grace

Defeated Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor discovered Wednesday that it doesn’t take long to go from being a powerful political leader to a unnecessary and unwanted has-been in Washington. After his loss at the polls to a virtually unknown challenger Tuesday, Cantor found that Republicans who once jockeyed for his help and support wanted nothing more […]

Status quo rules in Floyd County elections

In the end, an election that some felt would restructure Floyd County’s school board and redefine county government turned into an endorsement of the status quo. Every incumbent on the general election ballot Tuesday won, including three sitting members of the school board and county sheriff Shannon Zeman, who trounced challenger Laura Sparks — a […]

Election Day Tuesday, if anyone cares

Election Day Tuesday. Time to make up our minds on just who we will vote for — or against — when we make selections on those touch screens. Not much choice when it comes to the Floyd County Board of Supervisors. The only contested race — between longtime Locust Grove supervisor David Ingram and challenger […]