Another nice day: The road awaits

Celebrated quality time on Presidents Day Monday on on two different motorcycles — my Harley Switchback and Amy’s Can-Am Spyder. Different bikes, different styles, different ways to ride. The Switchback is a classic cruiser, based on Harley-Davidson’s tried and true Dyna chassis.  Dynas have been upgraded and improved over the years and the Switchback  — […]

In the end, it doesn’t get any better in life

A delightful day of riding Virginia roads with friends from the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group.

Our group included manager of one of the largest Krogers in the area, owners of two 7-Elevens in Roanoke, a pharmacy manager, a Appalachian Power official, a retired Air Force veteran, a retired Marine and others.

Time to ride and ponder

A weekend to ride, think and reflect. Spring arrived Friday afternoon and the weather is pleasant for Friday and Saturday. So my Harley Switchback and I are headed out, first for a visit for coffee and donuts, and then on the road for some time to ride. Part of this is love of motorcycles.  But […]

On the road again

Next month will be the second anniversary of the great cow encounter on U.S. 221 at the bottom of Bent Mountain on Nov. 9, 2012 — an accident that kept me off a motorcycle and in rehab for extensive physical therapy for 21 months. Before the crash, I often rode 200-300 miles a day, and […]

Heading for the road

The sun is coming up on another cool but beautiful morning, the Harley is waiting in the garage and I will be on it soon for a ride and breakfast. A few months ago, it was still a question over whether or not I could ever ride a motorcycle again.  Doctors resolved that question in […]