Sarah Palin and the sad, inane fanatics who follow her

The rabid following of failed Alaska governor and one-time vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a mystery to anyone with an IQ above that of an average plant, but a recent letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times by Jon R. Harris of Roanoke illustrates the the outright inanity of some who genuflect at […]

When violence becomes a means to an and

Whenever a tragedy like the Arizona shooting that left six people — including a nine-year-old girl and a federal judge — dead along with a Congresswoman seriously injured enters the national debate,  we can be sure that extremists on all sides of the issue will emerge along with their instant solutions to long-standing national problems. […]

Tea Party running out of steam

Just call the Tea Party the CB Radio of this year’s political circus, a fad that is fading fast, a crackpot idea whose time never was and now is disappearing faster than Sarah Palin’s credibility. Three Tea Party candidates went down in flames in the Virginia primaries Tuesday, beaten to a pulp by established candidates. […]

Deja vu all over again

In a pattern that seems an endless repeat of last Spring’s drenching drama, we’ve fallen into a familiar routine: Hot days spawn daily cycles of thunderstorms with drenching downpours. And my driveway washes out and disappears somewhere into Franklin County. Another Spring ritual: Enduring some right-wing fruitcake with their head jammed up Sarah Palin’s ass […]

Palin and the Tea Party: Phony populists playing a con on the rubes

When you get down to it, Sarah Palin is not only a sick joke but a poster bimbo for what’s wrong with this nation. Even in our celebrity-driven society she is a caricature so far removed from reality that it is hard to imagine how anyone with an IQ above that of the average turnip […]