Voters make clear choices in local elections

Floyd County voters Tuesday rejected a sheriff’s candidate running with a desire for revenge and told the school board to stand up to a superintendent with ego and anger management issues.

Good turnout on muddy election day

The mud may have been flowing in one of the races in Floyd County in this election day but there was mud too to contend with for vehicles to traverse the exit of the parking lot at Little River polling place at Rescue Station No. 1. It took some wooden pallets to cover the mud […]

State and local budget chaos

The 2014 budget process is going down to the wire this year with Floyd County Supervisors meeting at noon next Tuesday to review final budget figures, approve a final budget total along with the tax rate for the new fiscal year that begins on that day. The school board is set to approve its final […]

Sound and the fury

A comment posted on Monday’s story about the weather urged county citizens to attend what she called a meeting of the county board of supervisors Tuesday night to protest cuts in the school board budget for next year. Tuesday night is not a meeting of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors but a informational gathering […]

Local elections: May we live in interesting times

Local elections this year promise some interesting choices for voters as more and more candidates jump into races for the school board, board of supervisors and county offices. We have one candidate for sheriff claiming he is running because God told him to. He will need more than a claimed endorsement from the almighty to […]