School boss’s temper spotlighted

Embattled Floyd County School Superintendent Kevin Harris, whose hair-trigger temper and prevalent ego gets him into embarrassing public stunts, is a recipient of one of the “Dano” awards from Roanoke Times columnist Dan Casey in Sunday’s paper .  A Dano is a tribute to something stupid by someone. Writes Casey: The Dano for Best Intimidation […]

Mont. County schools ban Confederate flags

Montgomery County’s School Board Tuesday banned the Confederate flag and “other symbols of hate” from the apparel of students or vehicles on school property, effective February 1, 2016. The banned items include anything that showcases “the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, white supremacy, Black Power, Confederate flags or articles, neo-Nazi or any other hate groups.” […]

Summer winding down

Living and working in the Washington, DC, area for 23 years puts one in a relax and reboot mode in Augusts. August is when Congress shuts down for a month, many federal workers go on vacation and traffic in the city and area is actually manageable. Since leaving the National Capital Region in 2004, it […]

Praise and thanks for a tax increase

Tax increases normally bring out angry residents who oppose such hikes but that was not the case at the public hearing on a proposed five-cent additional levy in real estate taxes for Floyd County.

Praise instead of protest

Public comment periods of most local government meetings are often controlled by those who complain, insult or sometimes threaten. On Tuesday, however, those who appeared for the public comment period for the Floyd County Board of Trustees at the first regular meeting of September came with praise for the board’s efforts to help hire more […]