Biden could be the victim of a sexual assault scam

He handled a tough interview Friday without losing his cool, without calling anybody names or insulting the media or his accuser. He has asked the National Archives to examine the records of his time in office.

Ed Gillespie concedes defeat in Senate race

Virginia Republican Senate challenger Ed Gillespie conceded defeat to Democratic incumbent Mark Warner Friday after the latest vote totals showed a margin of more than 16,000 votes. The vote margin put Warner’s victory close to the one percent mark and while that would have allowed Gillespie the right to request a recount, any margin of […]

George Allen:racist enough for the tea party but too moderate otherwise

George Allen, the former Virginia Senator of macaca fame and a heavily racist past, wants back in the Senate. And he extremists and tea partiers who now the see the Republican Party as their personal playground after the 2010 mid-term election victories, want a Republican back in the Senate. There’s just one problem: The Republican […]