Age-related reflections

Attended visitation for an old friend, who died at age 70 in a nursing home of “an age-related illness,” his daughter in law said. Age-related: A term one lives with in later years. At 70, I hear my doctor — who is in his 80s — often tell me that I’m in “pretty good shape, […]

Age: I don’t mind, so it don’t matter

  A friend asked last week:  “Are you ready for your second childhood?” “Don’t think so,” I said.  “I never grew up.  I’m still in my first childhood.” Perhaps an odd thing to claim when one is scheduled to turn 70 in eight months but I still feel like a kid. At 69, I ride […]

Grim Reaper still disappointed

In my 20s I fully expected to be dead by age 30. My dad died in an industrial accident at 29.  All of his brothers died in their 20s.  Young death appeared to be a given for males in the Thompson family in Florida in the 40s and 50s. I broke the jinx on December […]