When ‘no’ was a preface to ‘yes’

Had lunch the other day with an old friend from high school, actually an old girlfriend. We never dated in high school but hooked up in the late sixties when I worked as a reporter for the The Roanoke Times in Southwestern Virginia and she attended an area college. In the sixties, “hooking up” just […]

To millennials, sex is no longer cool

The Washington Post Tuesday published a report that sex, something that was and still is near and dear to my heart (and other parts of my body) is declining among millennials. Those born from about 1990 are more concentrated on work, video games and the pressures of modern life. The study says the number of […]

Yes, sex and skin sells

Worked long and hard Friday night to put together a video on the Fourth of July.  It has just under 100 views on Saturday — The Fourth.  It had the American flag and fireworks and patriotism. For fun on Sunday, I reposed a three-year-old video of a bikini contest at Black Bear Harley Davidson.  It […]

Bikinis and the art of motorcycle cleaning

Yeah, you’re right: The idea of taking your motorcycle to a “bikini bike wash” for a cleaning is probably sexist but even dirty old men who ride deserve a little a little fun now and my Super Glide needed some tender loving care so I headed Southeast Saturday towards Danville and Thunder Road Harley-Davidson for […]