Sheriff’s Department retirees will be missed

Three members of Floyd County’s sheriff’s department retire at the end of this year. Sheriff Shannon Zeman is stepping down and looking forward for retirement after three terms in the top job and 27 years with the department.  He is joined by chief investigator and longtime friend Jeff Dalton who will concentrate full-time as pastor […]

Mudslinging in county sheriff’s race?

Candidate Jimmy Howery, who uses Facebook to spread messages about “what I hear” and “I have been told,” posted that “over the past months numerous people have approached me saying that they frequently see county deputies in uniform, in a marked sheriff’s car, stopped on the side of a road, putting up campaign yard signs […]

Lies, damn lies and just politics

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.
We’re so glad you could attend.
Come inside! Come inside!

These lyrics from Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Karn Evil 9 is from their album “Brain Salad Surgery” and, while written and produced back in 1973 — 42 years ago — aptly illustrate the circus currently masquerading as the Sheriff’s campaign for Floyd County in 2015.

Several seek county offices

As local elections take center stage in Floyd County and throughout the Old Dominion in 2015, voters here will have a variety of choices for races where incumbents are retiring or have moved on to other positions.

Longtime Sheriff Zeman is retiring

The Floyd Press this morning confirms a story that has been circulating to some in the country:  Sheriff Shannon Zeman is retiring when his current term expires at the end of next year. Editor Wanda Combs interviewed Zeman this week and provides an excellant report on the Sheriff’s decision to end his long and successful […]