Voters make clear choices in local elections

Floyd County voters Tuesday rejected a sheriff’s candidate running with a desire for revenge and told the school board to stand up to a superintendent with ego and anger management issues.

Good turnout on muddy election day

The mud may have been flowing in one of the races in Floyd County in this election day but there was mud too to contend with for vehicles to traverse the exit of the parking lot at Little River polling place at Rescue Station No. 1. It took some wooden pallets to cover the mud […]

Mudslinging in county sheriff’s race?

Candidate Jimmy Howery, who uses Facebook to spread messages about “what I hear” and “I have been told,” posted that “over the past months numerous people have approached me saying that they frequently see county deputies in uniform, in a marked sheriff’s car, stopped on the side of a road, putting up campaign yard signs […]

Get mad. Then run for office

Politics, even locally, is often driven by anger, and people who are mad at the way things are are driving a surge of entries into races this year for Floyd County elections. Kerry Underwood, co-owner of Oddfellas Cantina and distiller of legal moonshine whiskey, got mad over things like an appointment to the Floyd County […]

Changing faces in Floyd County government

Some faces of Floyd County government will be gone from the scene by the end of 2015.  Some will be replaced by familiar folks while others will have newer, and not as recognizable, ones when 2016 starts. Stephanie Shortt left county government shortly before the end of 2014, moving on to become a juvenile and […]