Gone fishing

After a rain delay from the week before the 10th Annual Kids Fishing Day, hosted by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department and a host of sponsors, got sunny times between the storms Saturday on the Little River along Thunderstruck Road. Even a deer dropped in for the festivities. More photos in this week’s Floyd Press.

Sheriff’s Department retirees will be missed

Three members of Floyd County’s sheriff’s department retire at the end of this year. Sheriff Shannon Zeman is stepping down and looking forward for retirement after three terms in the top job and 27 years with the department.  He is joined by chief investigator and longtime friend Jeff Dalton who will concentrate full-time as pastor […]

Lies, damn lies and statistics

Mark Twain once said “There are three kinds of lies. There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”  With Labor Day passed, I see some candidates for local offices are misusing statistics to make claims that don’t quite match the facts. Misuse of statistics, sadly, are emerging in the sheriff’s department race and come from a […]