Helping hands

Anyone who knows me is well aware I that I am not what one calls a “people person.” A former girlfriend once told me that I could “be alone in a crowded room.” So I’m more than overwhelmed by the response by people who have offered help, expressed sympathy and stepped up to assist during […]

The driveway

Regular Muse readers probably know more than they want about the driveway at Chateau Thompson. We’ve chronicled our struggles over the years with the steep, 450-foot long driveway that rises above Sandy Flats Road. It’s challenging enough with a car and even more so on a motorcycle. This short video is what I face each […]

Two-wheeled therapy

Some people ride motorcycles for sport, others for recreation and still others as a hobby. I ride for two reasons: Transportation and therapy. Transportation is why my 2009 Super Glide — purchased 18 months ago — has more than 32,000 miles on the odometer. Therapy is why I can head out early in the morning […]

The eyes have it

Often, someone will come up at a sporting event or other activity and say something along the lines of “I wish I had a camera like yours so I could take photos like you.” I try to explain that the quality of photography is not determined by the equipment that a photographer uses but by […]

Playing the wheel of misfortune game

Things started going from bad to worse on Tuesday of last week when our refrigerator died, leaving us with a mess of spoiling food. With mine and Amy’s schedule, it was Thursday before we could venture over to C’Burg to look for a replacement fridge. The old one came with the house when we bought […]