Yet another racist absurdity from Washington

Very little appears to be out of the bounds of propriety with our current occupiers of the White House, and supporting appointed positions, in Washington nowadays, but a statement by Ben Carson, new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, established a new low in an administration that continues to sink into the toxic swamp of […]

The Civil War is not over

Many admire the work of Ken Burns, a documentary filmmaker whose works that illustrate successes and failures of an America that does not yet deal effectively with its shortcomings.

A remastered version of his classic, “The Civil War” began this week on Public Broadcasting System to recognize the 25th anniversary of its first showing and the 125th anniversary of the end of one of the most horrific periods of American history.

Re-watching “The Civil War,” reminds us that while the war supposedly ended with the surrender of Robert E. Lee’s army of the Confederacy at Appomattox, the conflicts that brought on the fight continue unabated today.

Hank Aaron’s truth about racism

Hank Aaron, a deserving member of baseball’s Hall of Fame and the man who broke the total home runs record of Babe Ruth, made the mistake of speaking the truth recently when he told USA Today that America is still a racist nation. Said Aaron after noting that he received a lot of racist hate […]