Sunday snow: A good time to snuggle together in bed

Depending on where you are, there’s 4-7 inches of snow on the ground as the storm appears to have moved East and leaves only a chance of some mild snow or freezing rain. This leaves most Floyd Countians snug at home on a Sunday morning with little need or desire to get out on roads, […]

Serious wind chill, 2-hour delay for school

Floyd County public schools — closed Tuesday because of the snowfall and ice from the storm that fell short of expectations but still left the area frozen, windy and cold — will start with a two hour delay Wednesday as plummeting temperatures overnight is expected to leave the area frozen with wind gusts in the […]

Weather: It could have been worse

The National Weather Service office in Blacksburg shortened, for a while, the winter weather advisory Monday night, saying it would end 8 a.m. Tuesday but restored the length back to 2 p.m. at 4:40 a.m. EDT, although most of Floyd County appears to have missed the heavier snowfalls that struck other parts of the region […]

Snow is coming: How much is debatable

Less than two weeks ago, the Blacksburg office of The National Weather Service predicted a warmer than normal first two weeks of March with a long-range forecast of an apparent end to a winter that hasn’t been that bad. That was then, this is now. ┬áIt was warm then. Now the prognosticators who are more […]