VDOT says ‘stay home’

With some precipitation still falling at 11 a.m. and traffic problems multiplying,  Virginia Department of Transportation officials are urging those who don’t have to be on the roads to stay home until the temperature warms and snow clearance catches up with the storm. The southbound lane of U.S. Route 220 in Henry County is closed […]

High cost of clearing

When snow falls, it costs money to remove it.  When a lot of snow falls, it costs a lot more. The Virginia Department of Transportation says the cost of snow removal in Virginia this year cost at least $100 million more than the $157 million budgeted for the year. And winter is now over. Floyd […]

Helping hands

Anyone who knows me is well aware I that I am not what one calls a “people person.” A former girlfriend once told me that I could “be alone in a crowded room.” So I’m more than overwhelmed by the response by people who have offered help, expressed sympathy and stepped up to assist during […]