Hot enough for you?

Had to happen.  After a harsh winter of cold and snow, Spring and hints of summer have finally arrived and a second straight day of hot weather with temperatures above 90 brought out complaints of “it’s too hot.” Comments on Facebook reveal some dissatisfaction already with a seasonal shift that now appears to be heading […]

Another snow job?

The National Weather Service is talking snow again with a predicted chance of flurries Monday and a “snow shower” Wednesday. Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt says a “2-6 inch” snowfall is possible in the coming days, depending on the breaks. Writes Myatt in a post on the Times web site shortly after midnight Saturday: […]

New technology and cold weather

I write this post not on a desktop computer or a laptop — although I have one at disposal at home and the other while on the road. Nor is is composed on a Motorola Droid X — a smartphone capable of producing decent copy and adding a photo to any of my various blogs […]

The Ninth District Race: We wish we had a fourth choice

A number of people have asked over the last couple of weeks just who — if anyone — this web site will endorse in the tightly-contested race for Ninth District Congressman. Sorry. We don’t do endorsements. We feel it is presumptuous at best for us to try and influence anyone’s vote. When it comes to […]

Back to school

After a brutal winter that left some Southwestern Virginia school systems closed for an entire month, administrators aren’t taking any chances. Students return to school in Floyd County this morning, joining their counterparts in other counties who started even earlier. The early start will give school systems plenty of “snow days” to bank is another […]