Sun and Springtime weather

After an overnight low close to freezing and following a Friday of cold temperatures and blustery wind, the Floyd County area can expect temperatures Saturday morning to rise at least 15 degrees between the 35 degrees of 6:15 a.m. and a forecasted 50 degrees at noon and then up some more to almost 60 by […]

April flirtations with Spring

In yet another “let’s see if the forecast is right,” outlook, the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg says the temperature should hit 70  or 71 degrees Tuesday afternoon with sunny weather after Monday’s thunderstorms gave us much-needed rain. Enjoy the warm, because the highs are expected to dip to 54 by Thursday and 44 […]

Warmer weather with some rain

Sun, rain and growing grass. Get your lawn mowers ready.  The National Weather Service says higher temperatures, along with some rain, will hit our areas for the remainder of this weekend and through the coming week. The temperature on our back porch reported 51 degrees at o500 on this Saturday with a projected high of […]

Warm, sunny days ahead for Spring

The temperature on the back porch this Friday morning is 23 degrees and the National Weather Service in Blacksburg says it “feels” like 23 degrees because the wind outside is about two miles per hour. That is one hell of a change from the blustery winds that added a frigid wind chill to the low […]

Yes, we’re still frozen, but…

We’re just three days away from the calendar end of winter and the last three days have felt more like the frigid season than at any other time of a warmer than the normal cold season. The temperature outside sits at 20 outside our house and the wind chill puts it at seven degrees — […]