Thinking small in housing

Floyd, as we know, is a small town and the county is a small community population-wise. But Floyd is also home to a “tiny house” or two and one of them was featured on the “Today” show earlier this year and the idea of “tiny living” will be explored and featured by Sustain Floyd on […]

Good turnout for the Sustain Floyd breakfast at Farmer’s Market

Good turnout for the Sustain Floyd breakfast at the Farmer’s Market on Locust Street Saturday morning.  Misting rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd. A short video, shot just for fun.  The music, “Joy to the World” is performed by the late Hoyt Axton, who also wrote the hit made famous by Three […]

A sustaining breakfast

Sustain Floyd hosted one of its periodic open-air breakfasts at the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning. The group served over 200 with hotcakes, eggs, sausage and more.