The color of a cool autumn

The thermometer on our back porch sat at 29 degrees at 5:00 a.m. today, the second straight morning of temperatures just below freezing.  If the talking heads at the National Weather Service are correct, we will not be as cold overnight on Monday. A preview of the upcoming winter?  Could be.  As with all weather […]

Here comes the sun

The sun set over the snowy landscape of Floyd County Friday evening and Saturday is expected to dawn with new promises of warmer weather and approaching springlike temperatures. With temperatures Saturday expected into the upper 50s and then flirting with higher 60s and possibly 70 on Tuesday, Spring fever is sure to hit. But another […]

Best February end we ever thaw?

With temperatures at 54 degrees at 10:30 a.m. Sunday and highs projected to be around 65 later in the afternoon, the grand thaw from the massive winter storm that buried Floyd County in up to 30 inches of snow continues to melt away the remnants and bring out Spring Fever. That fever, however, will be […]

Madness continues…

A new week begins with a federal holiday, school canceled and a lot of snow piled up around the county. Floyd County schools closed Monday for the third straight day as a number of secondary roads remain partially or completely blocked by snow drifts and other roads will be slick with black ice on a […]

Hot, hot, hot

If the talking heads who attempt — and often fail — to accurately forecast the ever-changing weather around here are right we’re in for triple-digit heat by the weekend. Figures. Dire predictions of hot, hot and more hot dominate all of the forecasts for Southwestern Virginia. Starting Thursday, I’m headed for FloydFest and, with luck, […]