McAuliffe: Another governor for sale

Looks like the current governor of Virginia, just like the one he followed, is for sale to the highest bidder. While former governor Bob McDonald waits to see how long he and his estranged wife will serve in prison for getting big bucks from former Star Scientific CEO, current governor Terry McAuliffe is selling out […]

Budget clock ticking for McAuliffe

  The newly-enacted state budget, put into place after the surprise resignation of a Southwestern Virginia state senator turned control of the Senate over to Republicans, arrived at the governor’s office Monday, starting the seven-day clock for the Terry McAuliffe to either sign the bill, veto part of it or reject the entire thing. Democrat […]

McAuliffe: Major disappointment to Dems?

Ask a Virginia Democrat for a public comment about Governor Terry McAuliffe and you get the standard political rhetoric about what “a great job he is doing,” Talk to them privately and a different picture emerges.  The celebration over McAuliffe’s victory last November is over and an increasing number of Democrats admit, off the record, […]

McAuliffe bypassing General Assembly?

Looks like Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is looking for ways to tell the Republican-controlled General Assembly to go screw itself while bypassing the legislature to implement his controversial Medicaid expansion plan that has brought state government to a virtual halt. McAuliffe has fellow Democrat and Attorney General Mark Herring researching whether or not he […]

Reverse discrimination?

In a case where reverse discrimination rules, some Democrats in Virginia oppose Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s choice to head the Old Dominion’s Democratic Party because that pick hasn’t come out publicly in favor of gay marriage. For Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones, it’s a political case of damned if he does or damned if he doesn’t.  In […]