Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

Wire service telegraph machines had alarms with loud bells that would clang when a major news story broke. Several of the machines began clanging in the wire machine room in the back of the third floor newsroom of The Roanoke Times and World News on the afternoon of April 4, 1968. An older man with […]

Good or bad is what I do

A woman with a son convicted in Floyd County Circuit Court and sent to prison by Judge Marc Long confronted wife Amy at her bingo game in Christiansburg on a recent weekend and took her to task for the story I wrote about the trial. Her son, she said, was “railroaded” because she was told […]

A back room deal by Floyd's school board

It’s damned embarrassing to pick up a copy of The Roanoke Times and find a story that should have been ours.  I have nothing against the Times. I worked there in the 60s. Shawna Morrison, who covers courts, is a good friend. So are some others. But picking up the New River Current this past […]