The rain on the plain may be a pain

With the exception of Monday and Saturday of this week, rain and the threat of severe thunderstorms dominate the weather forecasts for the next 10 days. Tuesday shows an 80 percent chance of rain — threatening the first round of regional softball playoffs scheduled to start at Floyd County High School with the Lady Buffaloes […]

Yeah we need the rain but…

Another day, another round of storms, another flood watch. Another day of watching helplessly as my driveway washes away and ends up somewhere in Franklin County. Another day when another tree will probably fall and/or more limbs will come cascading down. If I dare complain about the weather over a breakfast table at Blue Ridge […]

Raindrops keep falling on my dread

Like an idiot, I believed the “meteorologists” who predicted Monday’s thunderstorms would strike in late afternoon so I rode my motorcycle to my mother’s assisted living facility in Radford to pick up some clothes to take to her at the rehab center where she is trying to recover from a broken hip. Dark, ominous clouds […]

Season of the storm

It’s a familiar pattern: Hot, humid temperatures that spawn afternoon thunderstorms. Another round predicted today and again on Wednesday and then a lull for a few days. We have fallen into a pattern of weather extremes. The same pattern marked last Spring after several years of dry conditions. Then came the winter of extremes: Unrelenting, […]

Spring Fever

OK. I’ve got Spring Fever. Got it big time. Temperatures in the high 50s sent the snow packing and the morning sun cut through the trees of the back yard this morning for a little while before fog set in. The afternoon forecast calls for a chance of thunderstorms. Thunderstorms? Yep. That’s a sure sign […]