Tourism: Old as the hills around here

Interestingly, and sometimes controversially, tourism and the attention of traveling visitors are issues treated as things recent for Floyd County and the environs of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. But tourism, as an active part of the county, goes back to well before the turn of the current century and can be found […]

Floyd Yoga Jam gets tourism grant from Virginia

Floyd Yoga Jam made the list of tourism grantees from the Virginia Tourism Corporation Marketing Leverage Program announced Monday by Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a stop in Abingdon Monday. The $2,500 grant to Yoga Jam must be matched 2-1 from local organization and was part of $796,000 awarded Monday. McAuliffe, speaking in Abingdon, said: Programs […]

Tourists arrive

During the 23 years that we called the National Capital Region (aka the Washington, DC metro area) home, the approach of Spring also meant the arrival of tourists. Although Washington is a year-round tourist area, Spring and Summer remain the busiest times, much like they are here in the Blue Ridge. It is a time […]

Spring must be here. Mabry Mill is open

Mabry Mill opened over the weekend and the parking lot quickly filled with locals and visitors traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is the Parkway’s 75th Year anniversary and many events are planned throughout the summer. Related articles by Zemanta The Parkway’s loss of innocence ( Top 10 Quick Blue Ridge Parkway Hikes Near Asheville: […]

You say you want an evolution

Five years ago, as Frank & Sally Walker worked to open their new coffee shop, Cafe del Sol, I asked them a question. “What,” I wondered, “motivates you to open a ‘gourmet’ coffee shop in a county where coffee is measured by thickness, not taste?” “We’re hoping to change that,” Sally said. For a while, […]