Goodbye to Terpenny

Floyd Town Manager Lance Terpenny is retiring from his job at the end of the year and the Town Council hosted a going away party Thursday evening after the final council meeting of the month and year. Terpenny, who took over the town manager position after a long tenure in the same position in Christiansburg, […]

Terpenny leaving Floyd

Lance Terpenny, the long-haired, bearded Harley Davidson-riding part-time town manager who came to Floyd after Christiansburg sacked him four years ago, is leaving the job at the end of the year. Terpenny left Christiansburg after a messy fight with the town council there following 14 years as town manager and seven before that as assistant. […]

More questions about Lance Terpenny

Lance Terpenny, Floyd’s new Town Manager, took an $80,000 pay cut to move from Christiansburg — where the Town Council told him to resign after saying they had “lost confidence” in his ability to serve their needs — but he’s not about to go broke. New details of his severance package from Christiansburg shows he […]

Questions about Floyd's new town manager

In a series of back room deals, Christiansburg’s soon-to-be-former town manager is leaving his $130,000 a year job under a cloud of controversy and will assume the Floyd town manager post that currently pays 43 grand a year. Of course, Floyd’s town government — which operates with all the transparency of BP in an oil-spill […]