Can a nation so divided against itself continue to stand?

If you watch government attempting to work at the local, state and national levels, it drives me to  think back to a great book written by legendary newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin: “Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?” Government today is a compilation of missteps taken by people without qualifications elected to positions they can’t comprehend.  […]

Renouncing citizenship

A sad story running on my political news web site today says the number of Americans who renounce their citizenship has increased fivefold in recent years. Last year, 2,999 people renounced their citizenship as Americans or terminated permanent residency in the United States. Some traditionally abandon citizenship to evade taxes but the jump has little […]

A powerhouse offensive show

    Floyd County High School’ girls’ varsity softball team last week put on an incredible offensive show against Eastern Montgomery. By the time umpires called the game in the 5th inning, the Lady Buffs piled up a 17-0 lead behind the no-hit pitching of senior Amber Ingram (left), who also accounted for six runs […]