Honoring those who sacrificed

On each Veterans Day, I try to visit a final resting place of those who served their country. Over the years, I have been at Arlington National Cemetery, Pearl Harbor, the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France, Gettysburg and many other hallowed grounds on Veterans Day. On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, I turned my […]

Every day should be Veterans Day

  Veterans Day should be a year-round time to recognize those who have given so much and received so little. They wait for endless periods for needed treatment from a Veterans Affairs that failed to meet previously established goals for ending homelessness among our vets or overcoming backlogs of disability claims. Today, military personnel — […]

Remember and honor our Veterans

No honor or sacrifice can match the efforts of those who put on a uniform, serve their nation and — too often — dies for doing their duty. Veterans Day is set aside to take time to thank a vet for their service.  Sadly, too many are not here to receive those “thank you’s.”  We […]

Honor thy vet

Today is one of two days set aside each year to honor those who put on the uniform and defend our country but remembering those who serve is something we should be doing the other 363 days as well. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the politics of a war or not. The young […]