When an iPhone does the job

Shadow Grass and Gravel Road appear in a concert at The Floyd Country Store last year. Created with a Canon C100 professional video camera, a GoPro action cam and an iPhone 6S Plus.

Sometimes it hurts to cover the news

After a day covering cases in Floyd County Circuit Court recently, a family member of a defendant who deputies led away to begin a prison sentence stopped me and demanded to know “what gives you the right to write about this case? ┬áIt is none of your business!” I tried to explain that what happens […]

The moon…enhanced

I thought the clouds coming in on Saturday night might block out the moon that has shone so brightly this week but the clouds were broken as the moon rose in the early evening and I was able to shoot it on the rise, so to speak. This shot has a lot of enhancement in […]

So much data, so little time for process


The question came Saturday night from Joe Dejarnette, who runs sound and does a lot more on a lot of activities at The Floyd Country Store and is a talented musician on his own right. “What,” he asked, “are you planning to do with all the video and images you shoot of music in and around Floyd?”