Christmas is over, nastiness returns

Fights and disturbances broke out in shopping malls around America on the day after Christmas Monday.

In Chicago, police report 61 people shot with 11 killed in various incidents in the city over the holiday weekend.

Here in Floyd County, a local minister took to Facebook to warn all of us that a “second coming” is just around the corner and we sinners had better get our affairs in order.

Violence & murder from Virginia Tech?

Too much bad news locally as the first month of 2016 winds down. A day after the missing teenager from Blacksburg was found dead just over the North Carolina line in Surry County, two Virginia Tech students are in jail — an 18-year-old freshman and a 19-year-old sophomore, both from Maryland. Violent crime seems to […]

Yes, we live in violent times

The violent and tragic deaths WDBJ journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward while shooting a live segment at Smith Mountain Lake Wednesday morning brought a chorus of “how can something like this happen here?” Sadly, such things happen just about everywhere nowadays and has been happening here for some time. Two journalists died at the […]

When violence becomes a means to an and

Whenever a tragedy like the Arizona shooting that left six people — including a nine-year-old girl and a federal judge — dead along with a Congresswoman seriously injured enters the national debate,  we can be sure that extremists on all sides of the issue will emerge along with their instant solutions to long-standing national problems. […]