Racial politics in Virginia?

Think racial tension is dead and buried in the Old Dominion? Think again. On Friday, seven Senators — five of them black and all Democrats — walked out of the chamber in Richmond after Republicans chose the final day of Black History Month to introduce a resolution honoring the life and public service of former […]

Gunfight at the VDoT corral

Floyd County’s Board of Supervisors is not a confrontational government entity. The five members of the board seldom get in anyone’s face. But months of sustained abuse of the county by the re-aligned Virginia Department of Transportation has some members of the board breathing fire and even the county’s mild-mannered County Administrator is fed up. […]

More questions about Lance Terpenny

Lance Terpenny, Floyd’s new Town Manager, took an $80,000 pay cut to move from Christiansburg — where the Town Council told him to resign after saying they had “lost confidence” in his ability to serve their needs — but he’s not about to go broke. New details of his severance package from Christiansburg shows he […]

Another national embarrassment for Virginia

Virgil Goode and George Allen may be distant, bitter memories in the minds of most progressive Virginians but Ken Cuccinelli, the Commonwealth’s homophobic attorney general, stepped up late last week to remind us that cretins still exist in our government. Cucinelli sent out a letter to state colleges and universities telling them to ignore discrimination […]

The AEP rate suspension scam

If you buy into the propaganda surrounding the new law suspending Appalachian Election Power’s (AEP) latest rate increase then your momma failed to drown the dumb ones. The bill, signed into law by Gov. Bob McDonnell with lots of fanfare Wednesday, suspends AEP’s latest highway-robbery rate increase until state regulators can approve it later this […]