Text the crime, pay the fine

The Virginia State Police is using unmarked vehicles, driven by  “covert officers” to track down texters violating newer, tougher laws in the Commonwealth. Texting became a primary traffic offense on July 1 of this year and a ticket costs at least $125 and Virginia will dock your driver’s license by three demerit points.  Lie to […]

Writing about death is never easy

In more than a half-century of reporting news, the hardest stories to write have always been about death. In the 1960s, as a young reporter for The Roanoke Times, one of my assignments for the paper required contacting the families of soldiers killed in Vietnam to obtain information for stories about their deaths. I encountered […]

Sheriff Hunt, you are a disgrace

Dear Sheriff Hunt: I read with interest your laughable attempt in Monday’s Roanoke Times to cover your ass for your inept — and some might say criminal — handling of Franklin County Deputy Jonathan Agee’s murder of his ex-wife and shooting of a Virginia State Trooper. Your attempts to justify an incredible level of stupidity […]

Where you can or cannot pack heat

So, you went out and got a Virginia Resident Concealed Handgun Permit. Doesn’t take much to pack heat in the Commonwealth. If you don’t have a criminal record, no public record of mental problems and pass a incredibly simple course that can be taken online, the Circuit Judge in your county or city issues a […]

Two sheriff’s deputies killed in Buchanan County, two more in serious condition

A robbery suspect opened fire on Buchanan County Sheriff’s deputies Sunday afternoon, killing two and serious wounding two others. An intense search by State Police and Buchanan County officers found the suspect and after what State Police Sgt. Steve Lowe called “some kind of engagement,” police killed suspect. “I’m not sure what the confrontation was […]