A day of hope after four years of infamy

Disgraced and corrupt Donald Trump took what most of us hope was his last-ever trip on Air Force One Wednesday after he fled Washington to sulk in Florida. Let’s hope he never darkens our skies again.

Who should replace Robert E. Lee in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall?

Anyone from this part of the Old Dominion want to suggest a statue of a prominnent Virginian for placement in Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC? It can’t be Robert E. Lee. His statue in the hall was dumped in July by The Commission for Historical Statues in the U.S. Capitol, a […]

Yet another racist absurdity from Washington

Very little appears to be out of the bounds of propriety with our current occupiers of the White House, and supporting appointed positions, in Washington nowadays, but a statement by Ben Carson, new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, established a new low in an administration that continues to sink into the toxic swamp of […]