Donald Trump: Documented liar, fraud and con man.

Trump is a serial liar who has told more than 20,000 documented falsehoods during his three-and-a-half years in office. It is time to dump Trump onto the streets and let a trash truck dispose of him like rotting, stinking excrement.

Those are fighting words, Bob Smith

Indian Valley resident Bob Smith came on this web site last night and called me — along with others who agree with my position on the phony grassroots organization called The Tea Party — a “trust fund Obama supporter.” Mr. Smith says: “I have watched for the last 40 years while self-hating elitists such as […]

With Ken Cuccinelli, April Fool's is no joke

The problem with doing an April Fool’s joke on Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is that it’s impossible to come up with anything fictitious that is more outrageous than what he will do in real life. The AG whose antics have gone so far off the reservation that even uber-right-wing Gov. Bob McDonnell has had […]