Yes, we’re still frozen, but…

We’re just three days away from the calendar end of winter and the last three days have felt more like the frigid season than at any other time of a warmer than the normal cold season. The temperature outside sits at 20 outside our house and the wind chill puts it at seven degrees — […]

The last gasp of a long, nasty Winter?

We’re supposed to be talking about Spring with warm weather and thoughts of sun and fun.

But March brought in yet another winter storm after a rough February. Snow and ice covered roads Thursday afternoon, followed by frigid temperatures.

Schools closed in anticipation of the approaching storm on Thursday and remain closed.

When rain turns into snow, look out!

Raining a lot this year.  More rain in today’s forecast and for the coming days, including some hard, pounding storms possible. Does this mean even more problems as the temperatures fall and rain turns into snow? Yes, it could. The National Several Storms Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says an inch of […]

Winter that won’t die

Thought we had written all that needed to be said about cold weather and winter this year. Wrong. The thermometer hovered around 22 degrees this morning as a mid-April cold front moved into the area and promised cooler days and another below freezing night into Thursday morning before starting to edge back up as the […]

Mother Nature is a tease

The sun rises today on the first day of Spring, the beginning of a season that is supposed to bring warmer days and nights and an end of freezing cold, wintry missed and the threat of snow. In actual time, the Spring Equinox occurs at 12:57 p.m., so Thursday is the first half day of […]