‘Major winter storm’ could arrive Friday

The thermometer at 0500 Tuesday (5:00 a.m.) said six degrees and the projection by the National Weather Service today says Floyd County can expect a high of about 22 degrees. Yes, winter has arrived in the Blue Ridge with what the talking heads call “a brutal blast.” That may be the good news.  Friday and […]

Here comes the sun

The sun set over the snowy landscape of Floyd County Friday evening and Saturday is expected to dawn with new promises of warmer weather and approaching springlike temperatures. With temperatures Saturday expected into the upper 50s and then flirting with higher 60s and possibly 70 on Tuesday, Spring fever is sure to hit. But another […]

Another round of hype

In what is the norm this winter, the “winter storm” forecast with such ferocity for a while turned into the event that wasn’t. Even the usually-accurate Kevin Myatt of The Roanoke Times missed the call, predicting snow accumulations that never fell, ice that didn’t arrive and problems that disappeared faster than expected. Still the storm […]

Here we go again

Can’t speak for everyone else out there but the general reaction around here when a new weather forecast erupts is: “Now what?” Now the National Weather Service and the doomsday weather forecasters are claiming another “winter storm” is on its way to the area and will arrive early Monday with sleet, freezing rain and, yes, […]

The recovery begins…

The last of the “big one” of 2014 moved out of the area shortly before dark Thursday and left behind snow of more than 20 inches, snowdrifts ranging up to five and six feet and a region paralyzed by a massive winter storm that closed schools, banks, offices and retail establishments. Floyd County schools remain […]