The dad I wish I’d known

In March of 1944, a young sailor and electrician’s mate in the Navy, and battle-tested veteran of World War II, in the Pacific walked into the gas rationing office at the Norfolk Navy Yard in Virginia to seek extra coupons to ride his Harley-Davidson to Tampa, Florida, to visit his parents.

William Douglas (Tommy) Thompson met with the woman — Ethel McPeak from Meadows of Dan, Virginia — who ran the office and discovered she also rode a Harley. After swapping motorcycles stories with him, she granted the extra coupons.

Honor thy vet

Today is one of two days set aside each year to honor those who put on the uniform and defend our country but remembering those who serve is something we should be doing the other 363 days as well. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the politics of a war or not. The young […]


Father’s Day is always bittersweet. My father died when I was nine months old, a victim of an industrial accident where he worked in Tampa, Florida. My only memories of my father came from a box of photos and stories told by my mother. My father existed as an ideal created by a young widow […]