Yes, what was past is the future

An aspiring photojournalist in a college class I speak to off and on each year didn’t look happy after class recently. She said she was considering switching majors. “I want to be a news photographer at a time when news photography appears to be on its way out,” she said.  “Maybe I need to find […]

Why I do what I do

Threats, criticisms and personal attacks go with the territory when you cover news.  When a shooter killed John Lennon many years ago, I wrote about the public outcry over his murder and wondered in print if it was way too much fretting over the death of a former pop idol. That brought an anonymous threat […]

Typos and other great mistakes of the world

Recently, I’ve come under fire for the large number of misspellings, typographical errors and grammatical mistakes on the pages of this web site. For a long-time journalist who once typed 125 words a minutes, living in a world where the typing speed is down to about 20 wpm with the accompanying mistakes, this period of […]